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Tirzah Kennedy

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Certified Strength Coach

RockPod and RockFloss Specialist

Phone  (719) 493-3601

Currently Accepting New Clients

Please contact Tirzah directly by email or phone to schedule your free consultation in house at Dany's Physical Therapy. Services offered at two different locations.


Tirzah says, "Health and fitness have been very important to me. I found ways to improve my life and realized the importance of holistic health for everyone.  Holistic health is about balancing sleep, exercise, food and water intake, hormones, and stress. I strive to create an environment that will promote improvement in physical fitness, as well as happiness, energy levels, and mental sharpness. My mission is to improve physical and mental strength by examining all aspects of health and


What can I help with?

  • Improving balance and stability

  • Increasing proprioception

  • Building strength

  • Boosting muscular and cardiovascular endurance

  • Improving mobility and flexibility

  • Creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

  • Selecting physical activities to enjoy and maintain long term


All services include movement assessments and nutrition consulting.

  • One-on-one personal training

  • Online personal training

    • Programmed workouts with video instruction

  • Small group training

    • Sessions with 3-5 participants - individual modifications

  • Nutrition coaching

  • RockPod and RockFloss therapy - to improve mobility, reduce risk of injury, and relieve pain

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